Whiteboard Wednesday Video – Law Firm Websites and Content

Whiteboard Wednesday Video - Sundown Legal Marketing - Consistently Adding Content To Your Law Firm Website

On this edition of Whiteboard Wednesday we discuss the importance of consistently adding content to your law firm website. Adding well written content to your law firm website can greatly enhance your SEO efforts by providing a better experience for your website visitors.

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to Sundown Legal Marketing’s Whiteboard Wednesday. Today on Whiteboard Wednesday, we’re going to talk about your website and the importance of consistently adding well-written content to your website. Now, any law firm Web site essentially serves two purposes.

A Website Can Serve Two Purposes

Number one, increased brand awareness and number two, to drive prospective clients to your law firm. Now, the $64,000 question is, how do we do that? How do we drive prospective clients to your website? Well, we do that by addressing two very simple points. Number one, generate or increase traffic to your website. We want to send more prospective clients to your website. And then number two, and most importantly, we want to create or increase conversions. We want to increase the number of prospective clients we convert into actual clients.

Now, the first step toward towards improving conversions is to consistently add well-written, robust content to your website. That content needs to be both useful and authoritative. What I mean by useful is it needs to address the questions that your prospective clients have when they visit or search on the Internet, when they’re searching for a lawyer. And it needs to be authoritative in that you need to convey to not only prospective clients, but also to Google, that you are a subject matter expert within your particular area of practice.

And speaking of Google, your content also needs to address the Google algorithm. We want to make sure that your content ranks well so that it’s found so that it can convert prospective clients into actual clients. Now, here are some of the most important steps that you need to keep in mind when you’re creating a content marketing strategy.

Important Steps To Keep In Mind When Creating A Content Marketing Strategy

  • Number one, need to understand your target audience. I just mentioned it a few seconds ago. When you’re creating or drafting content, you need to keep in mind the questions that your prospective clients have when they’re searching the Internet, looking for a lawyer and then draft content to meet those needs or to address those questions.
  • Number two, need to develop a workable content production and distribution process. You need to create a calendar and a list of topics. You need to insert those list of topics into that calendar. So you know exactly what you’re going to write about, when you’re going to write it and then finally, when you’re going to post it to your website.
  • Number three, your content needs to inform and engage, but not hard sell or overly sell your law firm. Need to make sure that your content is written for those prospective clients addressing those questions they have providing them with answers to those questions.
  • And finally, number four, the length of your content does matter. Google is looking for a well-written, robust content. If you’re writing a blog our target is about a thousand words, say between a thousand and twelve hundred and fifty words. If you’re writing an area of practice page or a white paper, you need to be closer to two thousand words for that particular type of document.

Now, creating and managing an effective, well-written, well thought out content management strategy is a great first step towards increasing traffic and improving or increasing conversions, converting those prospective clients into actual clients. If you have any questions about creating or managing a content management strategy, contact Sundown Legal Marketing. We’d love to chat with you about it. Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you on our next Whiteboard Wednesday.