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Does Your Law Firm Website Need a Redesign?

Is It Time To Take A Long, Hard Look At Your Website? Yes…Yes It Is! Your website is one of your law firm’s most powerful marketing tools. A great law firm website can quickly gain trust, establish credibility, and dramatically increase your website’s conversions. According to research from Google, potential clients are forming first impressions about […]

How to Build a Personal Brand for Attorneys

How Important is it for Attorneys to “Brand” Themselves? The consumer decision-making process is a complex series of actions that involves need recognition, search for information, evaluation of alternatives, purchasing decision, and post-purchase evaluation. While there are numerous things that can impact a consumer’s purchasing decision, emotion is one of the most powerful. Indeed, while […]

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Seven Important Things to Keep in Mind About Your 2022 Marketing Plan

Time To Put That New Marketing Plan Into Action – 2022 Here We Come! There’s always an interest in strategic planning and digital marketing trends around the turn of the year, and 2022 is no different. But, considering the events of the past couple of years, making predictions has become increasingly challenging. Nothing has returned […]

Social Media Marketing – Does It Work for Law Firms? 

Is It Time To Ramp Up Your Social Media Efforts? Social media has been a popular and successful marketing channel for consumer brands for many years. You see brands like Airbnb, Nike, and Wendy’s generating a ton of engagement with their effective social media marketing strategies. Seeing how easily these super brands can reach consumers […]

5 Tips on Creating Your Own Legal Marketing Videos

Here Is How To Create Your Own Videos Creating a video (or a video series) as part of your legal marketing strategy is an excellent way to market your firm. Video gives your law firm a simple and shareable way to communicate its brand and message. And video content can also produce a strong return […]