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Negative Client Reviews – Should You Reply to Them and Why?

Believe It Or Not – A Few Negative Reviews Adds Credibility One of the most important contributing factors of a law firm’s local search marketing strategy is the collection of client reviews. Studies show that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a referral from someone they know and 88 percent of […]

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) and Law Firms

Are You Using Paid Ads? If So, You Need Google Local Service Ads What if your law firm’s information could show up at the top of every Google search results page, even above the Google My Business three-pack and the pay-per-click ads? You’d probably receive a substantial increase in traffic to your website, calls to […]

Five Most Important Elements in Your 2021 Marketing Plan

Build Your 2021 Marketing Plan Today If you are hoping to see a return to marketing as normal in 2021, that’s not looking likely. But businesses have proven to be incredibly resilient during this prolonged period of strangeness, and the hope is that the coming year will be no different. We have already witnessed a […]

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Increase Client Reviews

The Importance of Client Reviews and the Most Effective Way to Get Them In law school, the last thing that you were likely thinking about was how to market yourself as an attorney. Instead, you probably assumed that by doing good work and providing effective legal counsel, as well as by establishing or working for […]

Law Firms, Social Activism, and Politics

How Can Law Firms Responsibly Voice Social Concern While “activist” might not be the first word most attorneys would use to identify themselves or their firms, engaging in matters critical to our time has become almost necessary for a brand’s survival. Today, most businesses – and that includes law firms – are taking social, cultural, […]

Writing Legal Content That People Will Read

Legal Content Can Be Boring And Tough To Read, Unless…. Becoming and being a lawyer is hard work. But too many attorneys make the mistake of overcomplicating their website’s legal and blog content. If the average person can’t understand what you’ve written, they’re likely to become alienated and give up shortly after landing on your […]


Why Your Law Firm Needs Web Chat and How to Manage It

Web Chat and Your Law Firm Website Connect with your clients 24/7, dedicate more time to managing cases, and stay ahead of the competition — these are just 3 benefits of web chat for the legal industry. Web chat is more than just instant messaging. It is a growth engine. In addition to serving clients, […]


Work With A Professional Web Designer

The Importance of Working with a Professional Web Designer on Your Website As a law firm, you operate a unique business type that is very distinct from others. Indeed, you’re not merely offering a product; you’re offering a service that could be life-changing for your clients. But regardless of whether or not your law firm […]