Whiteboard Wednesday – The Importance of Video in Marketing Your Law Firm

Whiteboard Wednesday - Adding video to your law firm website

On this edition of Whiteboard Wednesday we discuss the importance of video in marketing your law firm. Adding video to your law firm website and social media profiles vastly improve your visitor engagement and improve your client conversion.

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to Sundown Legal Marketing’s Whiteboard Wednesday. Today on Whiteboard Wednesday, we’re going to talk about video and the importance of adding video to your website and to your overall internet marketing campaign.

Adding Content to your Law Firm Website

Now, as we’ve discussed before, content is one of the two most important elements of any successful internet marketing campaign. And, content essentially comes in three forms. Number one, written content blogs, area of practice pages, white papers, e-books, any written content that you upload to your website. Audio content, podcasts, connecting your podcast or adding your podcasts, if you have a podcast, to your website. And finally, video, which we’re going to chat about right now.

Understanding the Value of Video

Now, in order to understand the importance or the value of video, you really have to dive into the numbers. Video is the single fastest growing content form on the internet today. Eighty percent of people watch video every single week and fifty five percent of people watch video every single day. On average, people consume or watch 16 hours of video a week. And, over 4 billion videos are viewed online every single day.

Why Should You Add Video to Your Law Firm Website

Now, these statistics can be overwhelming, but you still may be asking yourself, why should I consider adding video to my website?

  • Well, number one, videos consumed more quickly. We’re all pressed for time. And as a consumer, I know when I go to a website, when I go to a web page, if I see a video, a 30 second video, along with that entire page of content, I’m more likely to watch the video to get through that content more quickly.
  • Video is more dynamic. Probably my most favorite element on that list. With video, you can show an emotion. You can be funny. You can be informative. You can be funny and informative. You can deliver a message through video that you really would have a difficult time delivering through written content.
  • Video is greater distribution possibilities. There are countless platforms on the internet where you can distribute your video to get more eyeballs on them.
  • And finally, video incorporates SEO properties.

Types of Video for A Legal Website

Now, there are several different types of videos that you can and should add to your law firm website.

  1. Number one, FAQ’s or frequently asked questions. Much like blogs, FAQ’s provide answers to questions prospective clients have, but as opposed to blogs, the written word, in an FAQ video, you have the ability to deliver that message to the prospective client personally. They can see your face. They can look you in the eyes. They can hear your voice where you’re conveying that sense of expertise.
  2. Attorney interviews and biographies as opposed to expecting a client to read about your bio online, looking where you went to law school and what jurisdictions you’re barred in, you have an opportunity through an attorney bio video to deliver a message to a client as to why they should consider hiring you as opposed to one of your competitors.
  3. Firm introduction and branding, the perfect opportunity to deliver a message to the client or to a prospective client about your firm culture, about how you are different than your competitors and what exactly you bring to the table in order to help them meet their end goal.
  4. Four, client testimonials. We all understand the importance of client testimonials. Nothing’s more powerful than a client, a current or former client of yours, sharing with a prospective client what a great job you did for them on their behalf with their case. But, a client testimonial video gives a prospective client an opportunity to see that client and to understand more effectively exactly what you did for them with their case.
  5. And finally, paid advertising. Incorporating video in paid advertising can help increase conversions considerably.

Now, if you have any questions about putting together a video strategy, please contact Sundown Legal Marketing. We’d love to chat with you about it. And thanks for joining us, we look forward to chatting with you during our next Whiteboard Wednesday.