Is Blogging Really Worth My Time?

Is Blogging really worth my time? Sundown Legal Marketing

Law Firm Websites And Blogging

In twenty years of working with law firms and real estate companies, I have gotten a lot of internet marketing questions. Sometimes these answers seem so obvious that I wonder why they ever asked it to begin with. Well, the question about blogging isn’t one of them.

Let me first say, I am a fan. I believe it can really help you connect with a potential client in a way that traditional website content can’t. As search engines have evolved and website content has become better written, getting an answer to even the strangest of questions seems easier than ever….”My washing machine is making a chirping sound in the spin cycle!” Or, “I hear a thumping sound when I put my car in drive!” are only a few of my wife’s internet searches that have led to the perfect answer to her dilemma.

If we can get answers to even the strangest of questions; including videos on how to do just about anything, then why wouldn’t we search for, “How to beat a DUI?” or “The best neighborhoods in Mobile, AL”. Having a blog that is written in a way that answers questions, even if you aren’t giving advice, but simply saying, “the answer may be much more complicated than just posing the question to the internet world”, can be great for your business. A well-written blog, that shows that you are an expert in some subject matter, can often help you become a “trusted adviser”.

If I would have gotten a DUI, I may be trying to see what my options are or seeing the worst case scenario. It could be your blog, explaining that trying to beat a DUI on your own or with an inexperienced attorney can be costly, beyond your wildest dreams. In essence, your opinion may convince me that I really do need an attorney. And, you have positioned yourself as someone who knows a little bit about the subject. Why wouldn’t I contact you or try and chat with you about it (assuming you have a live chat, which is also just as important).

In today’s world of options and instant answers, you have to position yourself as an expert in your field and you have to do so before everyone else. The traditional way of optimizing websites is through keywords that alert the search engines about your areas of interest. An example of this might be DUI Attorney or Real Estate in Mobile. The problem with this approach is that everyone else is doing the same thing. Why not try to cut in line. Get in front of that potential client, before they are searching for an attorney, a real estate agent or even a plumber! Try and address their concerns in a way that shows you “Understand their situation”, you can “Empathize with their Situation” and finally, you can “Help with their situation”.

Now, I said at the beginning of this post that I believe in blogs. And, I do. But, only if done correctly.

Write content that is easy for people to understand. Keep in mind, it’s not for your colleagues, it’s for your potential new clients.

Write often. Nothing kills a blogs effectiveness like never being updated. An updated blog is new content and search engines love new content.

Finally, keep it short, not like what I have written here. Assume that people don’t have long attentions spans and you will do great.