Want To Increase Leads To Your Website? Try These 5 Tips For Better Results

Increase Leads To Your Website

So…… you’ve invested all this money into a brand new website, Search Engine Optimization, local search, Pay Per Click and all manner of things that are supposed to increase your caseload. You’ve seen the traffic reports and they look great, but your phone still isn’t ringing.

Well, you’re not alone. That is the concern, by far, that most law firms have with their internet marketing program. Let’s be honest, if your investment paid 10 times what it cost you would probably be satisfied. In fact, you would probably be satisfied with 3-5 times your investment.  And, there are a lot of law firms that would like to just stop losing money on their internet marketing program.

That is what I would like to discuss with you today. After 14 years of listening to law firms discuss their internet marketing programs, examining the highs and lows, I have come up with a few tips that could really help.  Here are the Top 5 simple steps you can make to your website that will get you more cases.

Step #5 – Make your website inviting and colorful

Appearance means a lot. When you look at someone getting out of a $40,000 car your first instinct is to assume the person is successful and intelligent, unless they are wearing a valet uniform, of course.  On the flip side, the most successful person you may ever meet could exit a fixer upper (which could simply be a restoration project of their first car) and you would assume that was all they could afford and were probably not successful.

It is human nature to be attracted to people or things that make us feel better about ourselves and success is one of those factors.  Your website should look successful. Use high quality pictures, graphics that depict your practice areas and success stories, right on the home page.

Step #4 – Don’t be afraid to advertise your success

Potential clients are going to be attracted to your success, so show it. Talk about the types of cases your firm has one and make it easy for them to find them.  Instead of mentioning a lot of midsize verdicts and settlements, combine them together to say “Our firm has successfully negotiated more than 20 Million dollars for our client’s in the past 5 years. Let us see what we can do for you.”  That statement alone may drive more phone calls.  Potential clients want to hire a winner.

Step #3 – Display your contact information prominently on your home page

Your Firm phone number, Live Chat, e-mail addresses must be up front and obvious on your website. They’re interested in talking to you, so why make it hard. They most likely had to work hard to find your website in the first place, so make it easy for them to contact you. They want to communicate with someone and the more quickly that someone is you, the better!

Step #2 – Have a good marketing message

Your marketing message is critical and must be on the top half of the home page.  An example of a good message is – We help Accident Victims. Period.” Or “Big Firm Resources, Small Firm Approach to Our Clients.  People want to know who you are and what you are about. Remember, you have less than 4 seconds to get their attention and encourage them to read on. So, be bold!

Step #1 – Have a live chat program

This could end up being the most important thing you could do, especially since you can actually do it today. Changes to your website can sometimes take a while.

People don’t visit law firm websites because they are looking to learn about the law. People visit law firm websites because they have a problem and it is probably one of the most stressful times in their lives.

You may not know it, but law firms and attorneys themselves, can be very intimidating to the general public. Your education, your success and your “don’t back down” attitude can make even the most polished individuals a little nervous, when they are feeling vulnerable.

A phone call can be a scary thought. That is where live chat programs have taken law firm marketing to the next level. Some studies claim that live chats can increase your intakes by 40% or more.  We recently completed a study of the top 1000 websites for the top marketing law firms around the country and 87% of those firms employed a live chat tool.

This, in itself, should be validation enough that it is working. Even firms with money to burn, so to speak, don’t want to waste it and are always looking for that extra edge over their competition. You should too.

The reason this option is appealing is its anonymity, its convenience and the instant response. And, considering more and more law firm searches are being done via mobile devices, it makes sense.

I don’t know what 40% more potential conversations could do for your firm, but most attorneys tell me, it’s worth it.  And, your most successful peers are doing it, so don’t get left behind.

There are lots of chat programs to choose from, so it’s important to find the one that’s right for your firm and your attorneys.

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