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A Comprehensive Approach to Internet Marketing

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the term “comprehensive” as: covering everything or all important points.

At Sundown Legal Marketing, this approach has become our philosophy on SEO. A good internet marketing program is only as good as the sum of its parts.

With this thought process in mind, the basis of all of our Website w/ SEO programs, contain the following features:

  • Custom written content, specific to your firm and practice areas
  • Management of your Social Media Programs
  • Monthly blogs
  • Press Releases (minimum of 4 per year)
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Local Search Directory management
  • Keyword Analysis and onsite optimization
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Responsive website design for optimum viewing on mobile devices

For more competitive markets, we also add the following:

  • Increased frequency of press releases
  • The addition of a monthly resource article for added “relevant content”
  • The addition of a multi-media page and the set up of a YouTube Channel
  • The addition of Q&A Videos
  • More monthly newsletters
  • The addition of a live chat feature

Internet Marketing and SEO…….Not so long ago.

It wasn’t that long ago that internet marketing success was solely based on a few things:

  • A website with a lot of keyword content crammed into every page
  • Tons of links from other websites that may or may not be relevant, but received a lot of traffic
  • Occasional additions of new content
  • And even search programs that would search your site over and over to make it look popular.

These tactics were often very effective, but businesses that rely on them today are finding it hard to keep their sites relevant and visible. In fact, with Google’s most recent updates, sites that employ these old tactics are often penalized and forced to overcome these penalties before being considered for a top ranking.

Internet Marketing today

Although some of these same types of tools are used today, to have a successful internet marketing program you need to do a lot more. Similar to spokes on a wheel, today’s success in internet marketing is impacted by a great number of factors that involve a lot of moving parts. With all of the changes that Google has made to their algorithm (Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird) over the last few years, the path to internet marketing success starts with a few simple factors:

  • Creating relevant and authoritative content
  • Delivering relevant and authoritative content to potential customers/clients
  • Delivering that content in a consistent and frequent manner
  • Delivering that content in multiple media, i.e. video, social media, blogging, press releases

Why is content so important?

Creating relevant and authoritative content allows a website owner to convey subject matter expertise. Consumers utilize the internet to find information and, dependent upon their needs, will work diligently to find a website/business that can provide them with the expert answers they need. Subject matter expertise provides a consumer with a sense of security, allowing them to comfortably make a decision to buy, not to buy, act or do nothing at all. With those thoughts in mind, it is easy to understand why Google now demands that websites provide their customers with good, quality content.

The second point above, delivering relevant and authoritative content, is just as important as creating the content in the first place. Without a mechanism to deliver the content, no one will ever see it. That is why we write a monthly blog for you and encourage you to do so as well.  We then, take that information and distribute it through your website and Social Media Channels to broaden your exposure and increase your visibility.

Finally, you must create and distribute this content on a consistent basis. All search engines, especially Google, tend to give higher page rank to websites that have consistent and relevant new content. It makes the site fresh and up to date.  That is why it is so important that these scheduled tasks are performed for you every month.  We simply do set up your site and walk away.

Each of the elements above is important on their own, but become incredibly valuable when they are part of a “holistic” approach to internet marketing. Bringing consumers to a website from a link on a well written blog, driving potential clients to a blog through postings on social media or pushing potential customers to social media profiles from well displayed icons on a website.

At Sundown Legal Marketing, we believe in tying all of these elements together, as a part of a well thought out, well planned internet marketing program and it is the only way to succeed in online marketing today.

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