3 Ways to Use Video to Market Your Personal Injury Law Firm

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3 Ways to Use Video to Market Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Video and The Personal Injury Firm – A Match Made in Heaven

Marketing for a personal injury firm can be incredibly competitive. A simple look at the numbers makes it abundantly clear why it is so competitive. There are upwards of 400,000 personal injury cases in this country each year, which seems like a lot. But, when divided among roughly 93,000 personal injury attorneys, you can see why the competition for clients is fierce.

If you are trying to establish or grow your personal injury practice, having a robust digital marketing strategy is essential. This involves things like building a quality, SEO ready website, creating ongoing content, and posting on social media.

Even if you are doing all of these things, you may still find it difficult to land clients. Why? Because most of your competitors are doing them as well. Consumers find it challenging to differentiate one personal injury attorney from another in their area. For this reason and several others, video marketing allows your law firm to differentiate itself from the competition and consistently bring in new clients.

Here are three ways your personal injury law firm can use video to reach new clients:

  1. Introductory Videos

No matter what type of legal practice you have, it is vital that your message resonates with your target clientele. But this is particularly important for personal injury attorneys, where you are helping to pursue damages for accident and injury victims.

Your law firm has a brand, and you should definitely have a video that conveys your values and the ways you promise to fight for the interests of someone who has been wronged. But, most people hire an attorney as opposed to a law firm, so it’s a good idea to have some introductory videos produced of your personal injury attorneys as well.

Before you create each of these videos, you’ll want to come up with a detailed profile of your typical client. Where do they live, and what is their greatest concern?

Most of the people who watch your videos won’t care where you went to law school or why you chose to become an attorney. But they do care about their current situation and want to know how you are the right person to help them get the best result.

These short videos (2-4 minutes) can set your firm’s personal injury attorneys apart from the competition. Make sure each video has a direct call to action at the end that encourages the viewer to get in touch for a free consultation.

  1. Informational Videos

One of the primary goals of your online marketing strategy should be to create as much value for your target audience as possible. Google refers to this as the “user experience” and rewards businesses and websites that deliver a positive one. Consequently, those that fail to deliver value or a positive user experience aren’t going to get the online and business results they desire.

People hire personal injury attorneys for their skills, knowledge, and experience. You can hand out some of that knowledge in small doses through short informational videos on specific legal topics. Personal injury videos can run the gamut from ones that address certain types of cases to how certain situations can or should be handled. Here are just a few examples:

  • Winter slip and fall injuries
  • Truck accidents – Who’s Responsible?
  • Dangerous product injuries
  • Social media and personal injury claims
  • The anatomy of a personal injury case
  • What is my personal injury case worth?
  • Should I give a recorded statement?

While you want to keep your informational videos as free from legal jargon as possible, the point of many of them will be to explain many terms and concepts in simple terms. People are understandably intimidated by lawyers, lawsuits, and insurance companies. When you post these short videos, they answer common questions and put people at ease.

  1. Testimonials

If a firm’s personal injury services are as effective as they claim to be, they probably have plenty of satisfied former clients. Online reviews on places like Google and certain legal directories are essential, but you can also leverage these as marketing tools for video testimonials.

There are few ways to approach this. You can create videos that are more like case studies, where you describe a past case (in general terms) from start to finish. Let the audience know how you solved the client’s issue and obtained a positive outcome.

A more effective approach is to have your past clients do the talking for you. Ask past clients to give a short representation of their circumstances and results. These videos give potential clients the opportunity to imagine what it would be like to work with your law firm or, specifically, one of your personal injury attorneys.

Testimonial and case study videos fit perfectly in the buyer’s decision stage, where they’ve already narrowed down their options and are trying to decide whether they will hire your firm. Testimonials act as a sort of social proof, which is where people rely on the experiences of others to make purchasing decisions. When a past client refers to an attorney as thorough, trustworthy, and effective, it goes a long way toward providing a proof source for hiring that attorney.

Unlike your other videos, testimonials should be as unscripted as possible, making them more convincing and authentic. This is also excellent content to post on your website, include in law firm newsletters, and share on social media to boost your brand awareness.

Video Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers

Video content is often the first thing prospective clients seek when they look for solutions to their problems. Having a variety of video content on your personal injury law firm’s website can help you make fast connections with people who are searching for your services. And video can give you a digital footprint that will differentiate you from your competitors as well as boost your search engine rankings.

At The Sundown Marketing Group, we have years of experience helping clients integrate video into their digital marketing strategies. If you’re ready to set yourself apart with quality video production and marketing to capture more business, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Call (800) 649-1764.