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Client Reviews

“Considering I am running a law office in an extremely competitive field, I was foolishly trying to cut corners and save money by having a serviceable and cheap website. Not only was I not generating any new business, but I was losing out on word of mouth business when potential clients saw my lackluster website and were unimpressed. I finally decided to put in the money to improve and increase my business and did my due diligence and shopped around for the right company to build and maintain my website. I couldn’t be more satisfied than I am with the work product, success rate, and customer service I receive from Sundown. In terms of work product, I invite you to check out and check out the page for yourself. If you look at the other attorneys in my field, I think you would be hard pressed to find a better website. Its very professional, thorough, and effective. In terms of success rate, I cannot tell you the number of times potential clients have told me they have “Checked me out” and are very impressed by what they have seen. Finally, and maybe most importantly, I will tell you how satisfied you will be with the customer service. In this day and age in which in seems nobody takes pride in their work, so many times we have to go back and correct errors or borderline harass people to get things done (like some of the big company 1-800 customer service lines), I assure you that you wont go 24 hours without getting response from anyone at Sundown. They will address EVERY concern you have, they are quick to upload new client testimonials or blogs, and they will make every change you suggest and in a very quick way. If I have a question, usually without a few hours it is answered and addressed. It really makes you feel like sundown is TRULY a part of your team. I recommend you sign up ASAP!”

Ron Aslam – Ron Aslam Law Office

“Rob and the team at Sundown Marketing Group are incredible.  Before we started using them, our website was basic and we were hardly getting any Internet-based referrals.  Once we began working with them, though, the quality of our website improved dramatically and it actually started generating referrals.  They’re easy to work with, responsive, and have opened up a whole new avenue of marketing through social media, videos, and blogging that we never would’ve considered before.  I highly recommend the team at Sundown Marketing if you want to expand your firm’s exposure and generate increased referrals.”

Maggie Nowell – The Cate Law Firm

“I send a belated thank you to you and your team for a wonderful website!  The essence of our firm and our mission that you captured on the introduction page in particular is exactly what we were looking for.  You have a talented staff and I look forward to working with your team in the future.”

Steve Gorny – The Gorny Law Firm

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