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LegalChatNow! and RealtyChatNow!

The Most Flexible and Most Unique Live Chat Products on the Market

When having a chat service can increase your website conversion rates by up to 40%, it’s a “Must Have” for Law Firms and Real Estate offices!

Here’s how we give your business the competitive advantage:

  • A potential client visits your website with a legal issue or a property question.
  •  They click on your chat box or a hyperlink embedded throughout your site.
  •  After entering the chat box, the website visitor is presented with a series of customized questions, i.e. “What property are you interested in?” or “Have you been in an accident?”
  •  As they answer the questions, the questions and answers are transmitted via text or SMS to multiple cell phones while the website visitor is on your site. No operators and no missed chats!
  •  When you decide to “engage” the person, the customized questions stop and everyone else receiving the texts will be notified that someone else has picked up the chat. It’s that easy.
  •  Our chat products are the most flexible live chat options on the market, and with easy integration on multiple websites or platforms you will never be in more communication with website visitors.

At Sundown Marketing Group, we make it easy and convenient for you to use our chat boxes on as many websites, Facebook pages and/or blogs as you would like. Just copy and paste the link we provide you on the pages you like and you’re in business! No extra Cost! It’s as easy as money in the bank.

What our customer’s have to say:

  • “I have been a criminal paralegal for 8 years and quick communication with a potential client is essential. LegalChatNow! has made it lightning fast for me and our attorneys to immediately consult with a potential client anywhere and anytime.” Leslie C. – Paralegal
  • “The first time I got a text, I didn’t know what it was. It didn’t take long for me to figure it out, we got a case after only one week using the chat” Scott S. – PI Attorney
  • I love it! I didn’t like the pop ups on the other services. LegalChat works really well for us. Adam J. – PI Attorney

Set Up is Easy!

Take control of your website visitors and communicate with them before they visit a competitor’s site. Nobody gets you connected faster than LegalChatNow! and RealtyChatNow!

It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s affordable.

  • No contract
  • Low Set up fee
  • Flat rate monthly pricing with unlimited chats
  • Multiple members of your firm receive and review the chat simultaneously

No software downloads required: Simply copy and paste the unique 5-line script we provide to the code on your website (If you don’t know how, we can help). Once this is done, your website will display the chat box and you’re ready to go.

Call us for a demonstration today. Let us show you how to turn website visitors into clients!

Also, check out our LegalChatNow! website for more information:

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