Web Chat and Your Law Firm Website

Connect with your clients 24/7, dedicate more time to managing cases, and stay ahead of the competition — these are just 3 benefits of web chat for the legal industry.

Web chat is more than just instant messaging. It is a growth engine. In addition to serving clients, web chat generates leads, increases conversion by up to 40%, and even boosts your SEO. These benefits culminate in more revenue and better brand awareness.

We know you have your hands full serving clients and working to secure the best possible outcome for each case. You might be skeptical about using web chat, believing you will not have time to manage your messages 24/7.

The good news is, you do not need to stay online all the time, provided you choose the right solution. Automation keeps your firm open day and night, ensuring no message is left unread.

Reasons why your law firm needs web chat

Let’s jump right into why law firms need web chat — plus a few tips for choosing the right software and managing it effectively.

Consult with clients anywhere, anytime.

It is no secret that many inexperienced clients are afraid of meeting with lawyers. This phenomenon is so common there is an actual name for it: dikigorosophobia. (Try saying that five times fast!)

Web chat can help alleviate that fear. Instant messaging gives your prospects and clients time and space to articulate their needs. It eliminates hold times and the anxiety of an in-person consultation.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many lawyers to transition away from face-to-face meetings into a virtual space. This contradicts industry tradition but opens an exciting opportunity for firms looking to pivot permanently.

Boost your SEO.

Having web chat installed on your site won’t magically boost SEO. These benefits are secondary and depend on how you use web chat.

Managing web chat well can increase dwell time, average time-on-page, and the number of recurring visitors on your site. Promoting relevant pages and posts in your conversations is a clever way to decrease your bounce rate.

Let us say you run a personal injury firm. A prospect lands on your site after searching “personal injury lawyers near me” on Google. Your chat window greets them. They submit a question about their personal injury case.

The automated chatbot captures their information and schedules a consultation. Before the conversation ends, an automated closing message encourages them to read relevant blog posts, like “Critical Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Injury Case“.

Chances are that the new client will spend time reading the post to prepare for their case. Because the client landed on your site from a search results page, your dwell time improves. This metric measures a website’s ability to answer search queries. The longer your dwell time, the more proficient your content is at answering queries.

This strategy not only delivers value to your clients, but it also increases your authority with search engines. And as an added bonus, web chat can boost your conversions up to 40%.

Three Tips for Managing Web Chat for Lawyers

Maybe you are wondering where you will find the time to manage another platform or respond to messages. Fortunately, managing web chat is easier than ever thanks to automation. Here are a few pointers for managing your chats.

Search for a hybrid solution.

There is a reason why we’ve chosen the term “web chat” over “live chat” — because they are not the same. Live, automated, and hybrid chat are three different types of web chat. Hybrid chat combines live and automated chat, giving you more control over your messaging. It works best for busy firms looking to save time and money on managing interactions with clients.

Here is how it works. A website visitor starts a chat. An automated chatbot captures their information and replies automatically to their inquiry. With hybrid chat, you are free to break the automation at any time to speak directly with the client.

Set up notifications.

Even though automation can handle many inquiries, you will want to set up notifications to stay updated on your conversations. During your web chat demo, be sure to ask about notification options and account preferences.

You should choose a solution that allows every staff member at your firm to set up their own text, email, and desktop notifications. These let you watch each conversation unfold on your preferred platform and allow you to join instantly if needed.

Integrate with other platforms.

Generating leads is one of the biggest benefits of web chat for legal. To make work easier for your firm, your chat software should integrate with your CRM to log new leads and simplify your marketing campaigns.

Other useful integrations include Facebook Messenger and Google Analytics. Automate your Facebook messages, manage all your chats in one place, and view your chat data in context to your firm’s marketing goals.

Ready to Discover what Web Chat Can Do for your Firm?

Our web chat solution is tailor-made for the legal industry. Discover which search queries drive users to start a chat on your site with built-in UTM tracking. With no contracts and a flat, affordable monthly fee, you can rest assured there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Call us for a free demo today to learn how Sundown Legal Marketing Chat can unlock explosive growth for your firm.

Your website…. it’s your baby! It’s a living breathing thing. You invest your time and money into having it designed and developed to spotlight your firm and help you achieve greatness. Or, so you thought….You launch your pride & joy and wait for your new clients to break down your door. So, your phone begins to ring, occasionally.

Things improve slightly, over time, as you invest more and more time on Search Engine Optimization, blogging and whatever else the latest article implores you to do. You add content, additional pages, more blog posts. You think you’ve done all you can.

Well, maybe you haven’t. The firms with the highest conversion rates have a little trick that works in every situation, live chat!

It’s no secret, our society today is accustomed to instant gratification, in fact most of us demand it. When someone visits your site, you have less than 3 seconds to give them a reason to stay and really check out your site. If that’s not pressure, I don’t know what is.

Many studies have been done investigating why website visitors (potential clients) interact with certain websites more or longer than others. The top two elements are engaging content and ease of use.

One engaging element that is extremely easy to use is live chat.  A live chat tool allows website visitors to communicate with you and your firm instantaneously.  In this world of texting and social media, that is what more and more people want.

A recent study done by Forrester Research showed that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person, while on a website, is one of the most important features a web site can offer (aside from videos, which is a topic of another discussion).

Nearly half of online consumers want to engage with you and they want to do it now!

Another compelling reason and maybe the most important reason to consider live chat for your website, is to keep pace with your competitors. We recently completed a study, reviewing the sites of the top injury firms across the country. The study reviewed over 1,000 sites in the top 100 markets across the United States. Over 89% of those top marketing firms employed some type of live chat tool. Potential clients want it, your competitor’s offer it and you need to have it.

So, we’ve helped you decide you need a chat program. Now what? We have the answer – LegalChatNow. Why LegalChatNow? Because it is a live chat product that is extremely unique in a crowded and sometimes boring marketplace.

What makes Legal Chat Now different?

It sends chats to your phone, utilizing text functionality (SMS), while a potential client is on your site. Don’t wait to get a copy of the conversation between the client and an operator, after it has taken place. LegalChatNow allows for real time communication between a website visitor and up to four members of your firm, simultaneously, utilizing a technology that you use every day.

LegalChatNow is so simple:

1. A website visitor clicks on the chat box on your website.
2. You and three other members of your firm are instantly made aware of their presence.
3. You have the option of engaging with the potential client immediately or you can wait until they’ve completed answering the customized intake questions that you created.
4. Once you’ve determined there is value, you can instantly engage with the potential client to schedule a phone conference or a face to face meeting.
5. You can take advantage of this powerful tool anywhere in the world. As long as you have cell phone service, you are connected to your website.

Why is this important to you?

LegalChatNow allows you to capture a potential client before they disengage from your website and move on to a competitor’s website. And, in a world of instant gratification, this is one of the most important things you can do for your practice.

You’ve invested a great deal of time, effort and money into your website and web presence. Why not utilize every tool at your disposal to secure potential clients when they visit your website. Give LegalChatNow a try and start converting website visitors into clients today.

Any questions, click on this link to chat with me NOW, via LegalChatNow.

Check out our website at www.legalchatnow.com or call at (800) 649-1764.