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Marketing After A Natural Disaster

Prospective Clients Need Help Fighting With Their Insurance Company – Can You Help? News Headline – “There has been a terrible disaster – a wildfire, a flood, an oil spill, or a hurricane.” Sound familiar? As the water recedes, the smoke clears and the winds die down, people begin assessing their situation. Neighbors help neighbors […]

Don’t make the marketing mistake that most firms do….

The benefit of working with law firms for over 20 years is you see a lot. Much like the proverbial “fly on the wall” you see firsthand things that work and things that do not. That is why specializing in law firm marketing works for us. We don’t have to “experiment” with our customers to […]

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Website Engagement and Live Chat

Your website…. it’s your baby! It’s a living breathing thing. You invest your time and money into having it designed and developed to spotlight your firm and help you achieve greatness. Or, so you thought….You launch your pride & joy and wait for your new clients to break down your door. So, your phone begins […]


Is Blogging Really Worth My Time?

Law Firm Websites And Blogging In twenty years of working with law firms and real estate companies, I have gotten a lot of internet marketing questions. Sometimes these answers seem so obvious that I wonder why they ever asked it to begin with. Well, the question about blogging isn’t one of them. Let me first […]